I've been taking photos for over half my life, and I fall more in love with it every year.

I entered this industry as a wedding photographer and spent several years shooting big weddings. They were loud, they were chaotic, they were expensive, and they were stressful for my couples. In 2019, I had my own big [expensive, stressful] wedding, and after I got home from my honeymoon I decided that I was done. At the beginning of 2020 I closed my wedding photography books and started photographing exclusively brands and products.

Fast forward a few years and I moved to San Francisco, California with my husband, Anthony. As I got to know the city and surrounding areas, I fell in love with how beautiful the scenery is. I also realized how much I missed working with people, especially couples. It felt like a shame to let the gorgeous landscapes of California go to waste. So I re-opened my books, focusing instead on intimate weddings and elopements in San Francisco, the bay area, and elsewhere on the west coast.

My style is documentary with a touch of film grain. I like earthy backgrounds on the coast and elegant spots in the city, and firmly believe that both are perfect options for showcasing love.

I am frequently flying back and forth to and from the East Coast where I'm from, but my heart belongs to California now. 

San Francisco elopement & editorial photographer

I'm Hannah.




lake como Italy
santorini greece
Amalfi Coast

Bucket List

NOV /  Boston, NYC
DEC /  Atlanta




Jan /  TBD
MAR /  Atlanta

My first print publication was in a music magazine when I was 15 - I'm still an emo kid at heart.

I binge-listen to paranormal podcasts and *really* want to see a ghost.

I could never keep plants alive until I moved to California, but now I'm the proud plant mom of 15 house plants.




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